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Morning Intermittent Faster Plan

Morning Intermittent Faster Plan

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We have two Intermittent Faster Meal Plan is inclusive for both types intermittent fasters. Our morning Intermittent Faster plan is for those that don't eat until lunch time. 

Morning Intermittent Faster : Lunch & dinner entrees selected from our “Individual Options” section as well as some unique off menu items are chosen based on what our chef has in-stock for the week.

We will select your meals to create balance, nourishment, and restoration, while providing functional ingredients to help strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation, and feel energized.

All meals are FREE OF dairy, added sugars, gluten, refined oils, trans fats, and artificial flavors/colors/preservatives. (Some meals may have dairy - always disclosed prior to making for each individual)

Begin by choosing the Intermittent Faster Plan that works for you, then, choose your delivery day.

Signature 5 Day: 10 meals - Lunch & Dinner 

5 Day Snacker: 10 meals - Lunch & Dinner + 10 Snacks

4 Day: 8 meals - Lunch & Dinner 

4 Day Snacker: 8 meals - Lunch & Dinner  + 8 Snacks

3 Day: 6 meals - Lunch & Dinner 

3 Day Snacker: 6 meals - Lunch & Dinner  + 6 Snacks

Please note: orders should be placed 3 days prior to your desired delivery date. For example, if you’d like a delivery on Tuesday, your order should be placed no later than Saturday. If you’d like a Friday delivery, orders should be placed no later than Tuesday.

If your desired delivery address is NOT your home address, please indicate that in the “Shipping” section so we know where to deliver your healthy hYOUman Meals.

If you have questions or have any kinds of allergies or foods you do not eat, please email 

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