How healthy hYOUman works

Observe how food works as medicine. All our meals are formulated with organic and functional ingredients. Hereby providing benefits, improved skin/sleep/mood/digestion, increased energy, immunity boost, and reduced inflammation. Each meal is mindfully made by a holistic health nutritionist, chef-prepared, and delivered fresh to your door.

Shop our Meal Plans and Individual Items menu items. Easily add what you’d like to your cart and continue to checkout. If you need any customized meals based on dietary restrictions, food allergies/sensitivities, portion sizes, total calories, and/or weekly quantities, click here to have your own meal plan customized to you. No matter what your needs may be, you can count on healthy hYOUman to feed you well.

Passion behind healthy hYOUman

Realizing how food heals you, brightens your skin/hair, and gives you the energy to perform well in exercise or day to day is what gave life to these delicious & nutricious meals. From there it grew to helping others in their busy lives in being able to have access to fresh meals. Food is medicine for both your mind and body.

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Sustainability at healthy hYOUman

At healthy hYOUman we care deeply about Mother Earth and are fully committed in making the correct choices, not only for ourselves and our clients but also for the envirenvironment .

  • Consuming More Plant Based

  • Minimizing Toxic Food Waste

  • PLA & Compostable Packaging

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